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Photo of principal Patricia Chadwick


Principal – Patricia Chadwick
707-837-7727 Ext: 60002

Secretary  Ill – Gladys Medrano

707-837-7727 Ext. 60004

School Secretary l – Laurie Mauney

707-837-7727 Ext. 60001

Bilingual Community Liaison - Jenny Alvarez

707-837-7727 Ext. 60003

Meet Patricia Chadwick, Principal

The Windsor Unified School District (WUSD) is pleased to announce that principal Patricia Chadwick will be taking over as principal at Mattie Washburn Elementary (MWE) for the 2023-24 school year. Her appointment begins on July 1.

Chadwick brings 15 years of experience as a teacher to MWE, as well as two years at the administrative level. She holds a multiple-subject teaching credential, an administrative services credential and a master’s degree in educational leadership and administration. Chadwick began her career in the Franklin-McKinley School District in Santa Clara County and has been at CCLA the last seven years. She spent 10 years teaching in grades Kindergarten through second grade, and five years teaching fourth grade, so the move to MWE is an opportunity to return to her first love.

“The developmental ages of these kiddos is my wheelhouse,” Chadwick said. “It’s the basis of most of my teaching experience, and my curricular and instructional focus areas all pertain to those grade levels. It is an exciting opportunity to get back to my roots as an educator who is passionate about literacy — beginning literacy specifically — and working with a school community that I’m looking forward to getting to know and build relationships with, so we can partner in meeting students and families needs and staff needs as well.”

“Patricia is a powerhouse principal, and we see this as a win-win for our District and our families,” said Human Resources Director Pete Sullivan. “Patricia’s heart and love for these younger grades, and her commitment to them, shines through. We are fortunate to have her as part of our District and taking the reins at Mattie.”

Chadwick has spent much of this year working on behalf of CCLA at the Pre-K Through Third Grade Coherence Collaboration (P3CC), a working group that aligns Pre-K through third grade instruction across the state. MWE has also been a part of this process, and she is eager to continue that focus in the coming school year.

“I’ve been really fortunate to have worked with the P3CC work at Cali that connects directly to the work going on concurrently at Mattie,” she said. “I’m looking forward to continuing and deepening the work at those grade levels.”

In her spare time Chadwick enjoys watching sports with her husband (they are Giants fans) and spending time outside on the water and with family.

“I hope I’m bringing a unique perspective — based on my experience as a teacher and administrator so far — that will be helpful in moving the school and our District forward,” Chadwick said. “The work we’ve begun and will continue to do in collaboration across sites in the District is something I’m passionate and enthusiastic about.”